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Traveler, Writer

My name is Lauren but feel free to call me Lou, or Lulu... everybody does. However, be warned, I'm going to call you darling in return.
In 2009 I left my job in magazine publishing, packed up my life and have called Paris, and Europe, home ever since.
Folies du Bonheur is where I like to share all the seemingly silly things I do, find, learn, create, that bring me and the people around me happiness and joy. From the mundane to the amazing.
Food, photos, travels, paper, flowers, sunsets, stores, coffee, parties, it all gets posted up.
You’re welcome to stick around, I hope you like it here!

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NoteStreams By Folies Du Bonheur

Montmartre Meandering

A conversation about how unfamiliar my river-side dwelling friends, Katie and Carin, were with the area of Montmartre led to this wonderful day. I've lived in the shadow of the Butte de Montmartre for four years now, it's long been my playground. I was more than happy to show my dear friends around on this rare sunny day a couple of weeks ago.

Category: Travel

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