Profile: Fiona Willer

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Lecturer - Queensland University of Technology (2008-present)
Lecturer and Unit Coordinator for Food and Nutrition and Dietetic Business Management.
Research Masters candidate - Queensland University of Technology
Undertaking masters research (with intention of PhD) around Health at Every Size (R) practice adoption patterns by Australian dietitians and outcomes for their clients with weight concern.
President of The Association for Non-Diet Approach Research Inc. (June 2013 – present)
Proprietor and Senior Dietitian - NutritionSense Allied Health (2008 – June 2014)
Clinical Dietitian - The Wesley Hospital (December 2007 – June 2010)

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NoteStreams By Fiona Willer

Should I Choose a Gluten-free Diet?

Is a gluten-free diet warranted by anyone but people with coeliac disease? There is no credible evidence grain-based foods cause disease. Nor is there any evidence gluten-free diets aid weight loss, though there is strong evidence to the contrary. While it’s certainly helpful for long-term health to reduce processed foods, grains form the staple foods of many societies and provide key nutrients. So why has this trend become so popular?

Category: Health

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