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Erinn Sluka, Nutritionist

I am a mom to three boys, a wife, and I work in nutrition in our local School District. I love to write and am an author as well. I strive to raise happy and healthy boys and I love to share my tips and experiences with others through writing. We raise our boys to respect and always put family first. My values are strong and I hope you enjoy all you discover on my website.

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What Your Teenager is Really Eating at School

I spend almost 3 hours of my day serving lunch at our local High School. I am a parent of a High Schooler myself and I took the job as I was a bored SAHM. Taking a job in their school district gives me their exact district schedule for days off and a bit of insight that I want to share with you. This is not a post to punish schools at all! I am a Mom and the other gals I work with are Mom's too. The food we serve has to feed many students in a short time and be cost effective so kids can afford to eat! That being said, I was not sure how 'lunchtime' worked exactly and as a Mom, I want to share with you just how your lunch money gets spent by your high schooler.

Category: Lifestyle

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Standing Up 4 Public Schools: Montel Williams

I wanted to tackle the subject of education a bit, and to have had the opportunity to interview Montel Williams and Tom Gentzel, the Executive Director of The National School Board Association was the perfect way to bring you some useful information.

Category: Social Awareness

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