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Quad Youth Manager

Growing up on the East Coast - two hours from the beach and ski slopes - I became well aware of the sea to summit connection. From my earliest years I was raised as a waterbaby, whether it was aneocean, pool, or a lake. My first Surfrider experience came when I joined the Boston Chapter and helped with the Snowrider Project during a trip to Stowe, VT. However, it wasn’t until my NYC chapter membership when all the surfbreaks in Long Beach, NY were going to be buried in one massive project that I knew – if I didn’t engage, the beach I knew would be lost forever. This is where I found my calling…
As the new Quad Youth Manager, I am honored to work kids who want to volunteer their time and efforts to making a difference in their area. Working at Surfrider allows me to focus on the problems that move me the most, whether its beach access, water quality, protection of a local surf break, or revamping coastal policy. Training and supporting volunteers who make a real, tangible difference on our beaches can be an emotional rollercoaster, as you can find yourself shedding tears of joy with success, and pain in a loss. I am truly privileged when I can walk alongside someone who may have started with little knowledge about our organization and I get see them grow to become so passionate and knowledgeable that they, too, find their path to engage in campaigns or leadership roles, piloting their School Clubs to greatness.

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Surfrider Clubs, Chapters & Staff take to Capitol Hill

On May 11-14th, Surfrider staff, chapter leaders, and four college students from Surfrider College Clubs across the U.S. attended the Blue Vision Summit in DC. Hosted by the Blue Frontier Campaign, the Blue Vision Summit brought together ocean advocates, scientists, and members of industry to discuss ways to advance marine conservation.
We will post a story from each of the college student's experiences at the Summit and lobbying at Capitol Hill. Today, meet Lauren "Mae" Henry, Graduating Senior, UNCW Club Chair!

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