Profile: Emma Sconyers

Emma Sconyers grew up in Newport, Rhode Island, never far from the beach or the local nature preserve, where she could usually be found with stacks of field guides, glass collection jars and a magnifying glass tucked safely under her arms. Her love of the natural world inspired her to pursue a degree in Biology from the University of Rhode Island. However, her love of literature and writing nagged so hard at the back of her mind she decided her junior year to double minor in English and Writing & Rhetoric.
She is currently enrolled in the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing a one-year program that leads to a Master of Science (SM) in Science Writing.
She hopes to delve into her favorite subjects: the history of medicine, genetics, natural conservation and biological discovery. She is unapologetically in love with Martha Stewart and all things domestic, walking in the woods with her dog and singing old jazz standards far too loudly while she’s doing dishes.

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Green Energy vs. Wildlife...

Finding solutions to replace coal and oil burning power plants are necessary. However, we must not be hasty in labeling them as purely “green” just on the grounds of emissions. As we move forward in developing and perfecting these technologies it is important to consider their impact on the environment—just as we have considered the impact of dumping nuclear waste or pumping carbon dioxide into the air and sea. We must always step back and see what else needs to be done.

Category: Science

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