Profile: Emma Criswell

Certified Sommelier

Head of the 'Grain Team' at Deussen Global Communications, a sales associate at Frankly Wines and a freelance marketing consultant for wine, spirits and culinary brands. A certified sommelier, she loves funky wines, loose leaf tea and running half marathons. She doesn't love bell peppers, or red onions.
Emma's passion for wine began before she was even old enough to drink (Shhh, don't tell!).
During one of her senior-level classes, Emma, the only sophomore due to her overachieving nature, was introduced to wine. Her professor brought in wines from the regions they were studying, and her passion for wine was born. After becoming fascinated and devouring various wine 101 books, she had a firm grasp on the wine industry before she could even legally buy a bottle.

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NoteStreams By Emma Criswell

Two Shepherds of Sonoma Valley

There is a funny thing about latitudes, no matter where you are in the world, similar crops grow similarly well if they are at the same latitude. One winery, however has chosen to work on perfecting the expression of grenache gris and grenache noir before creating the best expression of any other grapes.

Category: Wine

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