Profile: Elie Calhoun

African Epicure

Elie Calhoun has authored six books and dozens of articles about African food and travel. Her children’s books, Bedouin of the Middle East and Cultures of the World: Libya, are published by Lerner Books. Her travel and photo book series with Javed Jafferji, published through Swahili Coast Publications, explores Swahili Style, Swahili Kitchen, Images of Lamu and Swahili Doors. While studying at The American University in Cairo, she helped start-up the Middle East’s first English-language travel magazine. She lives, writes and cooks from West Africa, where she is working on her next book.

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NoteStreams By Elie Calhoun

African Homebrewing Traditions

The African tradition of brewing has been passed down and enjoyed by generation after generation. There is an art to preserving abundant ingredients in the natural environment by fermenting them into drinkable alcohol. It takes time and patience to learn. Not everyone can do it. Of course, commercial brewing has long replaced homebrew as the African alcohol of choice, but traditions remain, especially for people who can’t afford the high prices of factory-brewed beer or for the devoted connoisseurs who prefer traditional elixirs.

Category: Craft Beer

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5 West African Superfoods for Health and Longevity

Our own African traditions, passed down through friends, aunties and grandmothers and grandfathers, have given each of us a fingerprint of knowledge about what is good for us that grows where we live. We know, if we try to remember, what to drink when for different ailments. There is pepper soup for hangovers, ginger and lemongrass tea for when you’re coming down with a cold. What about nutrition, though?

Category: Food

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