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Yes or No: Should Greece Exit the Euro?

When witnessing the struggles of a small country like Greece trying to push against the formidable force of the institutions-formally-known-as-the-troika, we cannot but wonder if this drama is as much about economics as it is about the exercise of power and control. Imagine what would happen if independent and sovereign countries actually tried to exercise that frightful ‘D’ word. After all, isn’t democracy always the rallying cry of the oppressed?

Category: Business

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Valuing Eco Services & Climate Change Impacts

Every year on April 22nd, over a billion people across the globe acknowledge Earth Day, voicing their concerns for the planet and taking action to protect it. In the following article, Dr Pushpam Kumar discusses how economic valuation and the subsequent design of innovative response tools, such as payment for ecosystem services (PES), has the potential to increase transparency in policies designed and implemented to manage ecosystem services across time and space.

Category: Nature

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