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Dy Godsey is a published mixologist, consultant and bartender currently working in Wisconsin.

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NoteStreams By Dy Godsey

Cocktail Home Remedies

Cold and flu season is right around the corner, and there are medicinal cocktails that can ameliorate many symptoms and even shorten the duration of the ailment. An historic trend has returned and it takes advantage of the medicinal properties of alcohol and combines them with homeopathic medicine to create feel-good drinks that can really make you feel better!

Category: Health

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A Fresh Approach to Garnish

This is the age of thoughtful mixology. Historic recipes, bespoke ingredients and new spirits are all around us, challenging us to revive, invent, discover. We give so much thought to what goes into the glass, yet we frequently overlook one of a drink’s signature elements: the garnish. A garnish is meant to entice the imbiber through every available sensory portal. Come explore with us. Includes tips for you to try!

Category: Cocktails

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Low Alcohol Cocktails!

The greatest obstacle I face in my line of work is staying sober while doing research. Craft cocktails celebrate the flavor and texture of alcohol and classic cocktails are typically several ounces of spirit, so you can understand the challenge of holding onto clear-headedness. Luckily, bartending is never in stasis and the next wave will soon be upon the nation: cocktails with a lower percentage of alcohol. Recipes included!

Category: Cocktails

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Modern Wine Storage Technology

Once upon a time, before you were born, fermented beverage alcohol was discovered. Wine was the first beverage alcohol,and was for a time contained in clay jars and stoppered with clay, cork or leather. Here you'll explore the evolution of wine storage from ancient times to today, as well as why and how storage does matter to the wine.

Category: Wine

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