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Grill Master

I've always loved BBQ and backyard grilling, but I never took the time to study the art of low and slow BBQ. I wanted the good stuff, meat smoked for long hours -- not something stuffed in the oven or slow cooker and slathered in sauce. I would eat out, and was always dissatisfied with what restaurants had to offer. I would always drool at all the BBQ joints that I saw on television -- Texas, Memphis, and Kansas City.
So after researching online, I bought my first smoker in May '11 and launched this blog to chronicle my adventures. Since then, I've trained under an award-winning pitmaster, went through 10 hours of BBQ certified judging classes, and judged over a dozen BBQ competitions. But I've only scratched the surface -- there is so much more to learn in the art of low and slow BBQ. Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll follow me along my BBQ journey!

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NoteStreams By Dru Chai

How to Smoke Turkey for Thanksgiving

I've read all the various ways of preparing a smoked turkey -- whether to wet-brine, dry-brine, no-brine, inject, etc. Since this was my first time, I decided to try a little bit of everything.

Category: Food

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How to Make BBQ Smoked Tri-Tip

So what exactly is tri-tip? Well, it's the bottom of sirloin -- very lean, low fat, and low-collagen. Unlike the brisket, you won't find a marbling of fat running through the meat. When grilled to perfection, tri-tip should be medium rare, sliced thinly across the grain, and full of juice and flavor.

Category: Food

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