Profile: Dr. Renee

Health Writer and Entrepreneur

Dr. Renee Matthews has appeared on television shows such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and WGN’s “People to People” where she discussed different health topics. She started her media career with her own radio show on ReachMD, a programming source for health professionals. In addition Dr. Renee has been a featured medical correspondent on Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morning.”
Dr. Renee earned her undergraduate degree in 1999 and her Medical Doctorate in 2005. She spent the early part of her medical career as an educator for numerous hospitals and attending staff on cord blood.
Dr. Renee is a contributing writer for Ebony Magazine where she addresses topics such as asthma, health, and wellness. Dr. Renee is the contributing health writer for,,, and; a leading community dedicated to moms providing advice and exposing the myths of motherhood. She is also a sought after speaker for various health organizations and schools. In addition to writing about health, Dr. Renee conducts speaking engagements on social media, branding, motivation, and becoming an entrepreneur.

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NoteStreams By Dr. Renee

Ask Dr. Renee: Pap Smears

Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer - It can be tough to figure out what you need to know to keep yourself healthy. How early should you start screening, and how important is the HPV vaccine? Fortunately, Ask Dr. Renee has the information you need - for yourself, and for your kids.

Category: Health

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Dr. Renee: Black Women & Heart Disease

I am sure you have heard about Star Jones and her heart scare; she has given her voice to the heart health fight. Perhaps you heard about Toni Braxton and her pericarditis. Thankfully, both these ladies found out what was wrong with their hearts and acted quickly to fix it and continue to have good heart health. According to the Mayo Clinic, more women die of heart disease than men each year. Even more disturbing are the statistics in the African American community.

Category: Health

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Ask Dr. Renee: Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Are you working the career of your dreams? Are you too busy to date? Are you having trouble getting married and starting a family? This is a scenario way to familiar to many women these days. We are so busy climbing the corporate ladder or building our businesses that we forget to have a family. This is where a big question comes to mind, when should I freeze my eggs? There are several factors to consider before freezing your eggs. Are you a good candidate, can you afford it and are there any options.

Category: Health

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