Profile: Doug Lytton

Enthusiastic Epistolarian

After completing his studies at Cal Western in San Diego, Mr. Lytton moved to Dallas and developed a marketing firm focused on corporate communications. Expanding on his business relationships, Doug founded Lytton Financial Services, Inc. and offered retirement planning, insurance and advisory services to businesses as well as individuals. The firm established offices in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso.
In 1998, Doug sold his practice and focused on consulting services for Fortune 500 companies, like ING, One America, and AIG. Doug's final position was as an Account Executive with ING, servicing over 100 governmental agencies for the CalPERS Deferred Comp Plan throughout California.

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NoteStreams By Doug Lytton

An Anglophile’s First Trip to Great Britain

Having retired a year and a half ago, I have a bucket list that needs to be filled. First on that list is trip to The British Isles. My father, Yankee through and through, was always called, "Limey Lytton" by his buddies. Our name (Lytton) is Anglo-Saxon in derivation. Although not an obscure, it is somewhat uncommon. As a kid I would look for the Lyttons listed in the phone book and ask my folks if we could go meet them - after all, they must be family, right?

Category: Travel

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A Retiree’s Guide to Austin, Texas

Every day ten thousand Americans are turning age sixty-five. The question most aging investors ask themselves is will I have enough money to maintain my standard of living? How much money is enough? Here’s a retiree’s guide to Austin, Texas.

Category: Lifestyle

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