Profile: David King

Sr Lecturer at University of Queensland

Dr. King is the academic co-ordinator for the Evidence-based medicine course at UQ School of Medicine. He also works part time in General Practice as a Medical Officer at Student Health Service, University of Queensland, St. Lucia.
His research interests are in Medical Education, Health Promotion, Mental health, Respiratory infections, Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology.
David is an executive member of the Doctors for the Environment Australia.

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NoteStreams By David King

What You Need to Know About Mucus & Phlegm

We tend to notice mucus only when it’s abnormal and the sticky fluid is expelled from orifices. But actually it’s pretty amazing stuff. Every moment of our lives mucus is protecting our internal organs, including the sexual organs and bowels. Here, though, we’ll focus on the airways.

Category: Health

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