Profile: David Dilcher

Professor of Geological Sciences

Research interests include:
– Plant evolution with special interest in the reproductive biology of land plants as revealed through the fossil record and observed in living plants.
– The fossil record of the origin and evolution of flowering plants and their co-adaptive radiations and biotic environments that promoted their evolution.
– Angiosperm diversity through time and their past and present biogeographic distributions as understood historically.

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NoteStreams By David Dilcher

Fossil Suggests Plant Bloomed Underwater was Among First Flowering Plants

A recent discovery and analysis of fossilized plants has opened up the discussion of the nature and relationships of these early plants. First found in the lithographic limestone being mined in the Pyrenees Mountains over 100 years ago, these fossils, with their strange sprawling stems, were little understood. Some thought they were mosses, some considered them to be conifers, but few recognized the fossils as flowering plants.

Category: Science

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