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Explorer and storyteller, Fox believes in the Power of Nature to Restore the Human Spirit. Through his photography, writing and videos, Daniel uses his narrative to inspire the public to reconnect with the natural world with humility and perspective.
When he is not out on solo wilderness expeditions, Fox uses the insights and lessons he has acquired to guide people in their personal journey – working with them to STOP and set boundaries. BREATHE and bring perspective. RELAX and gain clarity, LISTEN and make clear and sounded choices. His definition of success is when you own the choices you make. When you know what you want. When you take control of your life. It is that feeling of satisfaction you have when you wake up in the morning, carry it with you throughout the day and go to bed at night. His mission is to guide people to find their success.

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NoteStreams By Daniel Fox

Kayaks and Islands

The air is very still here, and the outlines of the islands change with every passing flicker of heat. It’s as if the sky is sucking the land upward, all that simmering casting a dreamlike aura over the entire landscape – a thick and beautiful hallucination if ever there was one. I’ve been paddling and hiking the Baja peninsula for eight days now and yet my mind still has trouble grasping the reality of what it must have been like living in this arid – yet paradisal – place eons ago. Traces of human life have been found on these islands going back 11,000 years. With their desert sands, salt water, summer hurricanes and the unbearable heat – with every plant covered in spikes and wildlife so sparse as to be almost invisible in this hostile landscape – it’s a wonder anyone managed to live here at all.

Category: Travel

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