Profile: Daniel Bier

Writer, Editor

Daniel Bier is the editor of Anything Peaceful. He writes on issues relating to science, civil liberties, and economic freedom.

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NoteStreams By Daniel Bier

US Muslim Population Becoming More Socially Liberal

What’s more remarkable about this fact: this transition occurred at the same time that Muslim immigration has ramped up; immigration is not detracting from those changes and may even be contributing to them.
Foundation for Economic Education
(CC BY 4.0)

Category: Social Awareness

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What Trump And Sanders Said About Oil Prices 4 Years Ago

Remember when complaining about the price of gas was all the rage? The public discourse was awash in pseudo-psychology, hand-wringing about "peak oil," and an array of conspiracy theories to explain why oil cost so much. Economists were pretty sure that the price of oil was related to supply and demand, but what did they know? One cantankerous socialist knew the truth.

Category: Social Awareness

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