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Staff Writer, Thrillist

Dan Gentile is an Austin-based staff writer and photographer for who has shot hundreds of food trucks, written about thousands of pork belly entrees, and drank millions of cups of coffee. When not writing for Thrillist or exaggerating his accomplishments, he can be found DJing around Austin, playing soccer at Zilker Park, or standing shirtless in his front yard in the middle of the night watching his adorable puppy go to the bathroom. Follow him to occasional tweets at @Dannosphere.

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Old-School Pitmasters: How BBQ Has Changed

Few food cultures are as rooted in tradition as barbecue. Yet, for every third-generation pitmaster following in the smoke-filled footsteps of his Grandfather, there's a legion of young whippersnappers turning the barbecue world upside down.
To take the pulse of the industry and find out how it's changed over the last few decades, we talked to an all-star cast of 15 BBQ insiders. Everyone from Wayne Mueller, third-generation pitmaster at Louie Mueller BBQ, to Ken Hess, two-time World Championship-winning cook at Big Bob Gibson's, weighed in on everything from the price of brisket to how the hell barbecue ended up on salad.
Read on to devour our contributors' hundreds of years of meaty knowledge.

Category: Food

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