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Chris Wertz has been in the beer business for a long time. He started home brewing in 1993 and bartended in Prague in 1995. After moving to New York City, he was worked at the old Blind Tiger for 6 years. Oh, and he drinks the beer too.

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NoteStreams By Chris Wertz

Kosher Wines for Passover

Finally, it’s here! The holiest of holidays for wine drinkers is Passover. Why? How many other holidays involve a divine ordinance to drink four (in some cases five) cups of wine at dinner? Sure some holidays suggest it, or even involve so much guilt that you need to put down a bottle of vino, but the Mishnah says that even the poorest man HAS to have wine at a Passover Seder. That’s a blessing. Lest we be judged, let’s dig in.

Category: Wine

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Why Supplements and Beer Shouldn't Mix

A long long time ago – in the 90’s(!) – health-enhancing, energy-inducing, nutritional supplements started sneaking their way into everything we ate and drank - but is that really wise? Find out what they've tried in the past - and what to look out for!

Category: Craft Beer

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