Profile: Chris Pearson

Senior Lecturer, 20th Century History

After working at the University of Bristol and the University of Warwick, I joined the University of Liverpool in September 2012. My research interests lie predominantly in environmental and cultural history. They focus on modern French history, the environmental history of war and animal history.
My doctoral research and subsequent monograph form the first environmental history of Vichy France and outline the material and cultural importance of nature during the dark years and their aftermath. This led to postdoctoral work on French and transnational militarized landscapes and my second monograph on the environmental history of war and militarization in France from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.
My current project 'Canine City: Dogs, Humans, and the Making of Modern Paris' explores the role and presence of dogs in the city's past as workers, pets, pests, and beyond. It furthers my interest in nonhuman agency and 'more-than-human' histories and is supported by the British Academy.

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NoteStreams By Chris Pearson

Paratroopers & Pests: Animals In World War II

For the 70th anniversary of D-Day, veterans and world leaders were meeting on the beaches of Normandy to commemorate the biggest seaborne invasion in military history. Memorial services were set to recognize the estimated 4,500 soldiers who died that day.
There were also some lesser known troops involved in the Normandy landings: animals played a key part in the operation. The British army parachuted dogs on to French soil prior to the invasion to locate mines and booby traps during the D-day landings.
Learn about the critical roles played by animals - from horses to pigeons - and the battles fought against mosquitoes, rodents and more.

Category: Military History

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