Profile: Bow Tie Aficionado

The Bow Tie Aficionado site is for bow tie fans.
According to Warren St. John who at the time wrote for the New York Times, “A list of bow tie devotees reads like a Who’s Who of rugged individualists.” Some prominent, influential, and powerful men are members of this select fellowship. They include:
British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill
Doctor Who (as portrayed by Matt Smith and Patrick Troughton)
Bill Nye the Science Guy
US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
Questlove (Ahmir Khalib Thompson), DJ and drummer for The Legendary Roots Crew and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
and other notable dudes
While sporting bow ties intimidates many men, just putting one on is half the battle. All it takes is a willingness to stand out, which in many cases is a good thing.
This site aims to promote the virtues of this neckwear by increasing existing fans’ appreciation while encouraging others to join the fold.

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Why Bow Ties?

I didn’t wear ties at all except when forced to for some formal event. My go-to tie at the time was a ‘long’ tie with Garfield the cat in a double breasted pinstripe suit. Classy.
I liked it well enough but it felt awkward and there was no confidence boost. I wanted the confidence boost.

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Bow Ties: Gentlemen Don't Take Shortcuts

As I have reported, most men wear pre-tied bow ties. Podolsky states, “It’s a practice we can’t condone. That’s because a bow-tie wearer is inherently a gentleman, and gentlemen don’t take short-cuts.”rnLike me, Podolsky feels strongly that men should tie their own ties. rn

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