Profile: Betty Lupinacci

Section Supervisor, Library of Congress

Betty Lupinacci is on her second tour at the Law Library of Congress, having worked as a technician in the Reading Room in the mid 1980s. She returned to the Law Library full time in 2010 and is now the Processing Section Supervisor in the Collection Services Division, responsible for accessioning new material being added to the collection. She spent the intervening years between Law Library positions working with a sole practitioner attorney, preparing fiduciary tax returns and handling bookkeeping/accounting tasks for the tax and estate planning practice. Betty studied Political Science, with minors in Mathematics and Foreign Languages, at The George Washington University. Remaining in DC after college, Betty enjoys the local restaurant scene, baking and being a season ticket holder for the Washington Nationals.

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Looking For A Good Legal Dictionary?
Well the Law Library has over 4200 of them, covering countries and languages from Chinese to Estonian to Cameroon. Many of these titles contain more than one language. So you could even draft your motion, translate it to French, and then from French to Portuguese, if you were so inclined.
But rather than engaging in a dry discussion on dictionaries or randomly choosing phrases from various titles to examine, we thought it would be more interesting to survey people in the Law Library of Congress and find out what their favorite legal terms or phrases are and why. The answers were as engaging and varied as our staff.

Category: History

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