Profile: Ben Goldfarb

Ben Goldfarb is a correspondent at High Country News, a publication that covers natural resources throughout the American West. His writing has appeared in publications including Scientific American, Pacific Standard, and Earth Island Journal. You can also see his blog here:

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Are Coral Reefs Really Doomed?

Earlier this month the New York Times published an op-ed by Australian ecologist Roger Bradbury entitled “A World Without Coral Reefs.” Bradbury’s article makes a frightening claim: the planet’s reefs are doomed, sentenced to death by overfishing, pollution, and acidification caused by the ocean’s absorption of carbon dioxide.
Instead of preserving the dregs of these “zombie ecosystems,” scientists and conservationists should plan for our reefless future, in which slime will carpet ocean floors and hundreds of millions of people will lack sustenance. The sooner we accept this grim outcome, argues Bradbury, the sooner we can adapt to it.

Category: Nature

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