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Ashtin Berry is what you would call a Champagne fiend with a scotch habit and a knack for ridiculous, but tasty pairings. Fried chicken and rosé Champagne will change your life! Trust her! She is working towards her WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) Diploma with the hopes of continuing on to become a Master of Wine. Follow her on Instagram @thecollectress as she collects experiences across the world and in your city!

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Vermouth: The Supporting Actor Is Stealing The Show

Trends are forever changing in the beverage world, capturing the minds and tastebuds of professionals and changing the way we drink. There always seems to be an “IT” ingredient or spirit category driving creativity and market shares. In the past couple of years, sherry reigned. Before that, bitter and herbaceous tastes placed amari front and center for bartenders and consumers alike.

Category: Cocktails

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