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Armed with Science is a daily blog site for the Department of Defense that incorporates print, video, and social media assets over 50 scientific organizations across the Federal government. These efforts were recognized with the 2009 APEX Award for Publication Excellence and the PR News Nonprofit PR Award.
2014 50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs BadgeIn 2014, the Department of Defense named Armed with Science as one of the top three defense blogs, appealing to interests for both internal and external audiences.  FedTech Magazine named Armed with Science one of their 50 Must-Read Federal Government IT Blogs of 2013. Armed with Science was again named as one of the Top 50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs of 2014, alongside the likes of Politico, FedScoop and the White House Office of Science and Technology Blog.

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Garrett Morgan: An American Inventor

February is the month that we dedicate to recognize African-Americans and their major contributions throughout American history. Today we’ll be recognizing a very important American and his extremely significant invention that paved the way for a lifesaving tool still used today.

Category: History

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Vanishing Acts: Disappearing Delivery Vehicles

It sounds like an engineering fantasy, or maybe an episode from Mission Impossible:
A flock of small, single-use, unpowered delivery vehicles dropped from an aircraft, each of which literally vanishes after landing and delivering food or medical supplies to an isolated village during an epidemic or disaster. And it would be nothing more than a fantasy, were it not that the principle behind disappearing materials has already been proven.

Category: Science

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