Profile: Annie Dell’Aria

PhD candidate in Art History

Annie Dell'Aria is a PhD candidate in Art History at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY). Her research interests concern the intersection of art, film, and space, including her dissertation, 'The Moving Image in Public Art: U.S. and U.K., 1980-Present.' She has published in Mediascapes, Moving Image Review and Art Journal, and Public Art Dialogue in addition to chapters in edited volumes on public projections and audience reception studies. She previously taught courses in art history and media studies at Parsons and CUNY. Beginning fall 2015 she is Visiting Instructor of Western Art at Hanover College in Indiana.

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NoteStreams By Annie Dell’Aria

Kitsch to Park Ave: History of Plastic Pink Flamingos

In 1957, a 21-year-old art school graduate named Don Featherstone created his second major design for the Massachusetts-based lawn and garden decoration manufacturer Union Products: a three-dimensional plastic pink flamingo propped up by two thin, metal legs that could be plunged into soft dirt. Featherstone’s duck and flamingo ornaments sold in pairs for $2.76, and were advertised as “Plastics for the Lawn.” They became simultaneously popular and derided in the late 1950s and remain a recognizable species of American material culture.

Category: Arts

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