Profile: Annemarie McAllister

Cultural Historian

Cultural historian who has worked with charities and museums as well as writing popular and academic works on the temperance movement. Leader of HLF-funded 'Temperance and the Working Class Project' (2012-3) featuring oral history, a pop-up exhibition in a shopping center, an 8-month exhibition at People’s History Museum, interactive public events, and an online virtual exhibition. Author of Kindle book ‘Demon Drink: Temperance and the Working Class (2014) and regular contributor to TV and radio on temperance history and alcohol-related topics.

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NoteStreams By Annemarie McAllister

The Enemy Within: Battle Over Alcohol In WWI

Worries over binge drinking, women adopting masculine drinking patterns, and debates over legislation to restrict alcohol consumption: World War I has strange similarities to our own time. Since the 1830s, alcohol consumption was increasingly being linked to many social problems and by 1900 an estimated 10% of the population were total abstainers and consumption had begun to fall.

Category: History

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