Profile: Angie Salisbury

Writer and Editor

I am a business writer, author, and dog mom from NE Ohio.

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NoteStreams By Angie Salisbury

Ecotourism Builds Sustainable Economies

It can be wonderful for a culture to share their most treasured or sacred sites with the world. More people get the opportunity to experience these amazing places, and the host country gains more attention and a boost to their economy. Unfortunately, a thriving tourism industry means lots of people, and people bring all sorts of things that end up being detrimental to an environment

Category: Travel

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A Seed Change Leads To Sustainability

So often we view big business as the enemy of the environment and sustainability. We focus on corporate irresponsibility and the damage that their growth and manufacturing practices cause. But thanks to the persistence of consumers calling for greater responsibility and accountability, some of the largest corporations are taking notice and doing something about it, implementing a significant seed change to get to zero waste that is completely altering their business.

Category: Sustainability

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