Profile: Andreas Vilhelmsson

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Andreas Vilhelmsson is a post-doctoral researcher at the Division of Social Medicine and Global Health at Lund University in Sweden. His research focuses mostly on patient reporting of adverse drug reactions and pharmaceutical regulation with respect to health policy and public health, but he is also interested in broader global health issues like climate change and welfare systems.

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NoteStreams By Andreas Vilhelmsson

Climate Change and Coffee Production

Formerly known as the “devil’s drink,” coffee is increasingly being viewed as an “elixir of life”. Nowadays, we are getting accustomed to read about news of coffee intake in different media outlets reporting on research showing positive effect on health outcomes like Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and cardiovascular disease. According to a metaanalysis from 2014 there is even a weak, but significant, inverse association between moderate coffee consumption (1-2 cups per day) and total mortality.

Category: Science

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