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I am the former social media manager and editor at Foodista. Cooking and baking hold a very special place in my life- both creative ways of sharing and celebrating my life through food. Growing up I loved to follow my mother around the kitchen, asking questions, spilling things, eating, eating, and eating. And today, I'm still calling her for recipes, creating my own, exploring food in any way I can, and writing about it. I also write my own food blog at

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15 Food Photography Tips from Andrew Scrivani

New York Times photographer Andrew Scrivani came to Seattle to lead two four-hour long workshops. The events were organized and hosted by Seattle Bon Vivant herself, Myra Kohn. Going in with only a camera, some basic light manipulation tools, and a fuzzy understanding of what makes food pictures evocative, I left the workshop confident and ready to take better photographs. Scrivani is one of those people with a passion for what they do that is palpable. It's inspiring. It's genuine.
Here are just 15 of the valuable tips he taught me:

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