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Alwynne Gwilt is a Canadian with a Welsh name who lives in England and finds herself frequently jaunting to Scotland and Ireland to learn and write about whisky. She escaped the world of financial journalism after falling head over heels in love with whisky and started her site, Miss Whisky ( in 2011. She has written for dozens of titles on whisky, food, drink and travel and is always on the hunt for a new stand-out dram.

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NoteStreams By Alwynne Gwilt

Cardhu Distillery: Women Behind Whisky

The history of Cardhu is forever entangled with the stories of two of the sharpest, most inventive and strong-willed women in Scotland’s early whisky narrative: Helen and Elizabeth Cumming. The former laid the foundations for success while the latter built on those and took Cardhu to being one of the most important in the region.

Category: Cocktails

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Tasmanian Whisky: Hellyer's Road

Think of the word whisky and your mind will almost certainly drift towards Scotland or Ireland – those powerhouse nations that have been producing it for much more than a century. But if you look even further afield, you’ll see the category experiencing great expansion to all corners of the globe, places that you may not have considered before. Like Tasmania - join me at Hellyer's Road Distillery.

Category: Cocktails

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