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Prof. of Public Health

Allard E. Dembe, ScD, is a Professor of Public Health at the Ohio State University's College of Public Health. He has served at Chair of the Division of the Division of Health Services Management and Policy, and Director of the University's Center for Health Outcomes, Policy and Evaluation Studies (Center for HOPES). He also was Director of Evaluation for the OSU's Center for Clinical and Translational Research. Dr. Dembe was formerly a professor and senior research scientist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and has held faculty appointments at Harvard University, McGill University, the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Northeastern University. He served as Deputy Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Workers' Compensation Health Initiative, and co-directed the doctoral and postdoctoral degree programs in Occupational Health Services Research at the Harvard University School of Public Health. Professor Dembe's professional and scholarly interests include workers' compensation, occupational health policy, health services research, employment and health, and the epidemiology of chronic disease. He is the author of numerous articles and monographs including 'Occupation and Disease: How Social Factors Affect the Conception of Work-Related Disorders,' published by Yale University Press.

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Why a Four-Day Workweek Is Not Good for Your Health

For most of us, a long weekend is an occasional thing. For some people, however, it's a regular thing. And they're still paid their full-time salaries.
So what's wrong with that?
The Conversation
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Category: Health

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