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Adios Barbie is the one-stop body image shop for everybody, featuring content that tackles issues of size, race / ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, and sexuality, among others. Adios Barbie celebrates unique identities, authentic self-expression, body positivity, and media literacy, and works to create a safe and encouraging space online for discussion and thoughtful engagement. Find them on the web at, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Stop Comparing Ourselves on Social Media

We all have certain triggers that can cause our confidence to take a sudden nosedive. For some, it’s a trip to the gym. If you’re self-conscious of your body, watching fit people strut their stuff in their tightest-fitting gym clothes likely has you over-analyzing your every body part.
The feeling of lack and dissatisfaction that we feel when scrolling through our newsfeed often results from comparing our true reality to our “friends”‘ idealized, perfectly Instagrammed realities.
So how can we stop ourselves from making them?
By Emily Holland for Tiny Buddha, cross-posted with permission

Category: Self Discovery

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Mom, Dad: Meet My Eating Disorder

Anorexia is innately personal. It’s between you and your flesh, you and your bones. It’s a body count of one. It causes you to withdraw within yourself, to turn from our food-laden world and burrow into a space of so-called control. It’s not a plea for attention, but rather a plea for invisibility—an effort to disappear.
Well, no. Eating disorders are not that self-contained. As I’m learning, slowly and painfully, disordered thoughts and behavior can affect everyone close to you: relatives, colleagues, friends. For me, this drama has enacted itself most poignantly with my parents.

Category: Health

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Aging Gracefully In A World of Anti-Aging

I’d love to see you do a piece about embracing our bodies and faces as we age. It bums me out to see so many attractive women succumbing to the pressure to look “younger” through cosmetic surgery and Botox and all that. You’ve written a lot about loving your body the way it is now, rather than the way you imagine it will be in the future — how about the other tack; loving your body now and not the way it used to be when you were younger?

Category: Lifestyle

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Facebook! Ditch Body-Shaming Emoticons!

Love it or hate it, when Facebook rolled out its new “Feelings” feature mid-2013, the nature of the status update shifted. If you were like me, you gave it some serious side-eye at first. Do we really need our social networks to express our emotions for us? Have we lost the ability to type “Feeling good today!” and have to rely on a drop-down menu instead? What’s next — if emotions are dead, will robots take over the world? Won’t somebody think of the children?
In addition to your standard primary emotions of “happy,” “sad,” or “hopeful,” we also get these options: “fat” and “ugly.”
Excuse me?

Category: Social Awareness

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Taming Triggers During Eating Disorder Recovery

Starting the process of recovery from an eating disorder is a life-changing decision, but it’s not without challenges. Sometimes, even when things are seemingly going great, an eating disorder can creep back into our lives and make us panic at the smallest reminder of old habits. Triggers are nasty little temptations that cause a recovering individual to lapse into old ways, or make them feel compelled to do so without actually following through.
To find your triggers and cope with them in healthy ways so they won’t interfere with your recovery goals, try some of these tips that have really helped me.

Category: Health

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